Status conference “How is the bioeconomy developing?”, June 20-21, 2023, Kassel, Germany

The status conference “How is the bioeconomy developing? Status and perspectives of monitoring tools” will take place in Kassel on June 20-21, 2023.

Current findings from three projects will be presented:

  • Consolidation of Systemic Monitoring and Modeling of the German Bioeconomy (SYMOBIO 2.0) (
  • Establishment of a Systemic Monitoring of the Bioeconomy – Consolidation Phase (MoBi II) (
  • Further development of the “Monitoring System Bioeconomy” with special consideration of aspects of precautionary environmental protection (

The three research projects describe the situation and progress of the German bioeconomy, the status of monitoring from a systemic perspective and the resulting recommendations for political decision-making on the development of a sustainable bioeconomy. The conference offers a platform for exchange between scientists, politicians and interested parties.

The conference starts at 12:30 on June 20th and ends at 15:00 on June 21st. Please note that the conference language is German. Participation in the conference is free of charge. The number of participants is limited. The venue is the Gießhaus at the University of Kassel.

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Hanna Helander, Conference organization, Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR), University of Kassel, hanna.helander[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Verena Pommerenke, Research Communication & Public Relations, SYMOBIO 2.0, CESR, University of Kassel, verena.pommerenke[at]uni-kassel[dot]de